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Leadership Development

A combination of individual coaching and group work, enabling leaders to be aligned to their values, deepen their skills and exude creative confidence and presence.


Aspects we cover :

  • Crafting leadership narratives to create impact and influence with key stakeholders

  • Challenging beliefs in coaching conversations and taking action to strengthen competencies 

  • Working with high-potential women to own their voice and presence in the organization


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Team Synergy

A combination of online and in-person experiential group sessions, to address skills and mindset for collaboration, agility and inclusion in teams.


Aspects we cover include:

  • Building resilience and emotional wellness of the team through creative arts experiences. 

  • Tapping into individual and team resourcefulness for change agility using improvisational theatre.

  • Deep-dive into traditional stories to explore perspectives needed to navigate specific challenges. 

  • Story-listening circles to deepen team-connect and peer learning.

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Culture Building

A combination of awareness and skill-building sessions to facilitate a culture of shared values, inclusion, resilience and continuous learning.


Aspects we cover are:

  • Enabling leaders to craft value stories to deepen the organizational culture across business teams. 

  • Sensitivity and skills needed towards building an inclusive organization.

  • Enabling leaders to have crucial conversations by building coaching mindset and skills.

  • Enabling internal change and learning facilitators to use creative arts and theatre to ensure impactful learning.

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