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Team Synergy

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Creative Arts Labs

Resilience and Emotional Wellness for Teams

Offered as a one time experience or a series of workshops for intact teams, this activity helps participants navigate challenges, express and regulate emotions and create a supportive presence for their colleagues. Arts-based exercises  bring  deeper awareness, expressiveness and levity into the process.

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Change Agility for Teams

In this workshop, participants explore how improvisational theatre mindsets can help cope up with a constantly changing business landscape. It involves exercises that allow viewing obstacles as resources and being willing to be changed. This helps open up possibilities for teams to be agile and spontaneous while working with a collaborative spirit. 

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Creative Collaboration Mindset in Teams

Using core principles of improvisational theatre, this workshop helps teams explore ways to be spontaneous, flexible and open to create a culture that welcomes new ideas. By focusing on “Yes - And” mindset, teams explore how to co-create new possibilities and relevant solutions. 

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Story Wisdom Circles

Listening to traditional stories by experienced tellers followed by deep dive to explore the wisdom those stories hold for us. These story circles could revolve around specific themes such as inclusion, change, resilience and owning our potential.  

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Story Mandala

Personal Story sharing circles to deepen trust and create inclusive teams. The sharing is preceded by experiential exercises on learning the what, how and why of stories in the organizational context.


“We at ACG invited ‘By the River led by Viji Chari and Madhu Shukla for a leadership Intervention through Storytelling. They conducted this Program at the height of Pandemic and we were all going through huge challenges. The program by these two wonderful exponents of storytelling was Awesome to say the least. The methodology is a breath of fresh air which helps to look at issues from a different lens and also worked as an Impactful learning in a short time. Would recommend more and more Organisations to apply this methodology for various Leadership and Organisation Interventions. 


— Sunil Jha,  Group CHRO, Associated Capsule Group

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