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Culture Building

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Building culture through organizational narratives

Workshops for leaders and diverse teams to mine and craft stories to communicate key organizational values and deepen the desired culture.  Coaching leaders for telling value stories in the organisation to communicate the organisational values. 

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Building Inclusion at the workplace using

Theatre and Storytelling

Consciously creating a diverse workforce requires us to go beyond affirmative action to address underlying beliefs that come in the way of inclusion. In this workshop, participants use theatre based exercises and storytelling to have meaningful conversations on exclusion and micro-inequities at the workplace. These explorations allow individuals to deepen sensitivity and practice behaviours needed to build inclusive organizations.

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Creating a coaching culture

This intensive workshop trains leaders and managers to use coaching skills and mindset to facilitate development of their teams. Using a combination of group learning and coaching labs, participants get a safe setting to deepen their competence in having crucial conversations using a coaching style.   

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Capacity Building for Change facilitators

This experiential offering based on principles of adult learning, enables learning teams and internal facilitators to make their content delivery interactive and impactful through facilitation games, modalities from creative arts and theatre - both online and in-person.

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Storytelling Events on Specific themes

From intimate settings to large groups, we host storytelling on specific themes which allow individuals to connect with messages and through the meaning-making, connect with each other.


By the River and it's story telling technique creates a unique safe space for participants by creating a child-like context of stories heard and told when we were children. The powerful stories and the narration can trigger reflection and commitment conversations among participants. We have used the technique in Shell to deepen the understanding of organizational cultural and core values around diversity, inclusion and leadership. 


—  Poonam Narang HR Manager, Shell Business Operations

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