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Narrative Leadership

Group learning and one on one coaching to enable leaders mine and craft personal narratives for enhanced presence and have greater impact on key stakeholders. 

Coaching through Narratives

A series of one on one conversations that enable individuals to challenge narratives that come in the way of their personal and professional growth. Individuals  then explore their beliefs and design creative solutions to support their new narrative which they would like to embrace for fulfilling their aspirations.

Executive Coaching 

 A series of reflective conversations with managers to challenge their beliefs and behaviours and create action driven plans not only to meet their existing role demands but also to strengthen their leadership competencies

Leadership Development

Group Coaching 

Beyond individual coaching, group coaching allows individuals with common challenges and aspirations to offer and benefit from the resourcefulness of a peer community.


We offer group coaching:

  • To High-potential women leaders
  • Competency - specific (personal branding, people management, netoworking, team skills)
  • Theme - specific (for e.g. emotional resilience, finding purpose) 

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Speaking to Inspire

This workshop develops skills on presenting ideas with authenticity and impact.  Body  awareness and vocal exercises combined with strategies to meet the needs of our audience, creates practical training for impactful leadership presence.


Storytelling is not oratory, not public speaking nor presentation skills.  It goes far deeper than all of these.  If you want an experience that deeper, richer, rooted idea of storytelling, look no further than By The River.  Vijji, Madhu and Sue are the perfect team - their approach is gentle on the outside and firm on the inside, exactly as it should be. I highly recommend the ‘By The River’ experience for anyone seeking a deep dive into the world of stories..” 


—  Ameen Haque, Storyteller, Founder Storywallahs

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