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Coaching Offerings

One-on-One and group sessions to challenge self limiting beliefs and take concrete actions to strengthen leadership competencies and achieve one’s potential. We also  build coaching skills and mindsets in leaders.

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Executive Coaching 

 A series of reflective conversations with managers to challenge their beliefs and behaviours and create action driven plans not only to meet their existing role demands but also to strengthen their leadership competencies

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Creating a coaching culture

This intensive workshop trains leaders and managers to use coaching skills and mindset to facilitate development of their teams. Using a combination of group learning and coaching labs, participants get a safe setting to deepen their competence in having crucial conversations using a coaching style.   

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Coaching through Narratives

A series of one on one conversations that enable individuals to challenge narratives that come in the way of their personal and professional growth. Individuals  then explore their beliefs and design creative solutions to support their new narrative which they would like to embrace for fulfilling their aspirations.

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Group Coaching 

Beyond individual coaching, group coaching allows individuals with common challenges and aspirations to offer and benefit from the resourcefulness of a peer community.


We offer group coaching:

  • To High-potential women leaders
  • Competency - based (personal branding, people management, networking, team skills)
  • Theme - specific (for e.g. emotional resilience, finding purpose) 


 I was coached by Vijji as part of a program she was offering for a period of 12 months in 2017. Vijji is a thorough professional and has incredible skills as a coach, which helped me identify patterns that needed to be addressed in both personal and professional spaces (as well to see their overlaps) and identify and evolve practises that helped me navigate ways to overcome the challenges these were posing to my growth and development as a professional as well as in my personal life. The skilful way in which she is able to forefront insights that emerged during the course of the process lead to many 'ah ha' moments that helped bring about a shift in both perspective and behaviour. At a difficult time in my life to have had Vijji mentor, support and coach me to emerge on the other side stronger and surer of who I was and what I was capable of, was a gift. 


—  Praneeta S. Kapur, Country Advisor, India, American Jewish World Service

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