Listen to stories from near & far

An hour-long session of listening to an assortment of zen tales and traditional folktales which are both insightful and entertaining. The performance allows the audience to let their imagination be led by the stories and connect the stories to their own hopes and dreams.  



Story Themes

Connecting with Self 

Connecting with one's purpose 


Owning One's Brilliance


Celebrating the Feminine 


Celebrating Change


Earth Stories 


Tales of New Beginnings 

Client Reflections 



Connecting with self, this story-hour was indeed a very immersive experience. 

Vijji & Madhu took us through some delightful & humorous stories; each listener felt like he himself was “in the story”

Priyanka Raja,


Thank you By The River for an absolutely wonderful wonderful evening of storytelling at Chavadi . Thank you for making our quests, somebody else's and somebody else's journeys our own. May we find Mouse the Brave and Alberic within us and may we each give their stories a different ending. Cannot wait for you to come back with more and more. Our space is far richer because of you.

Thank you for a very engaging evening. Enjoyed all the stories, as both of you captured the charm and the stillness in them.

Kamaan Singh Dhami,

Singer & Song writer

Vasudevan Alasingachar

OD consultant & avid learner from life

By the River offers storytelling platforms to interested groups of people of Bangalore. I happened to participate in one of their evening sessions in Goodearth community. One has to see to believe and appreciate the way the storytellers engaged the audience with their simple episodes . The flow of moving from one's style to another and theatrical sensitivity they hold and embed into the stories they narrate has a magical effect for the audience. Adults in the audience forgot their age when they levelled as children; curious and wondering 'what next'. I wish ' By the River ' great strides in whatever they bring to Bangaloreans!

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