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Storytelling Offerings

The art and craft of personal narratives to own our leadership and create impact to influence others. Group sessions using metaphors and characters from traditional stories around specific themes as symbols for reflection and exploration.

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Narrative Leadership

Group learning and one on one coaching to enable leaders mine and craft personal narratives for enhanced presence and have greater impact on key stakeholders. 

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Story Mandala

Personal Story sharing circles to deepen trust and create inclusive teams. The sharing is preceded by experiential exercises on learning the what, how and why of stories in the organizational context.

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Storytelling Events on Specific themes

From intimate settings to large groups, we host storytelling on specific themes which allow individuals to connect with messages and through the meaning-making, connect with each other.

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Building Inclusion at the workplace using

Theatre and Storytelling

Consciously creating a diverse workforce requires us to go beyond affirmative action to address underlying beliefs that come in the way of inclusion. In this workshop, participants use theatre based exercises and storytelling to have meaningful conversations on exclusion and micro-inequities at the workplace. These explorations allow individuals to deepen sensitivity and practice behaviours needed to build inclusive organizations.

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Building culture through organizational narratives

Workshops for leaders and diverse teams to mine and craft stories to communicate key organizational values and deepen the desired culture.  Coaching leaders for telling value stories in the organisation to communicate the organisational values. 

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Coaching through Narratives

A series of one on one conversations that enable individuals to challenge narratives that come in the way of their personal and professional growth. Individuals  then explore their beliefs and design creative solutions to support their new narrative which they would like to embrace for fulfilling their aspirations.

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Story Wisdom Circles

Listening to traditional stories by experienced tellers followed by deep dive to explore the wisdom those stories hold for us. These story circles could revolve around specific themes such as inclusion, change, resilience and owning our potential.  

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Capacity Building for Change facilitators

This experiential offering based on principles of adult learning, enables learning teams and internal facilitators to make their content delivery interactive and impactful through facilitation games, modalities from creative arts and theatre - both online and in-person.


 By the River offers storytelling platforms to interested groups of people of Bangalore. I happened to participate in one of their evening sessions in Goodearth community. One has to see to believe and appreciate the way the storytellers engaged the audience with their simple episodes . The flow of moving from one's style to another and theatrical sensitivity they hold and embed into the stories they narrate has a magical effect for the audience. Adults in the audience forgot their age when they levelled as children; curious and wondering 'what next'. I wish ' By the River ' great strides in whatever they bring to Bangaloreans!.” 


—  Vasudevan Alasingachar, OD Consultant & avid learner from life

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