Story Mandala

The power of personal story sharing 

The intent is to co-create a space to recount and honour the memories and experiences that make us who we are. Teams (either intact or mixed) are guided through the experience of putting on their storyteller coats and rediscovering themselves and their colleagues through their personal stories.


The session that spans over 120 minutes helps facilitate a culture of listening and connectedness through authentic communication. We also share customised Story Cards with participants, which they use with their teams to keep the story circles going.


Leading and Influencing 

Bringing your best self to work


Embracing organisational values


Building walls, breaking walls – working towards inclusion



Client Reflections 

Madhavi Sahu,

Designer & Retail Professional

A story circle by two friends, creating a pure unadulterated space to be your own vulnerable self & yet take back simple joys, and heart-warming experiences - all from the new faces we met right there. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the very first story circle. I'd call it special and unique! And much gratitude to those others who shared with us, without inhibitions. For me, although brief, I did feel an inexplicable moment of peace amidst this circle.

Natasha Iype,

Director , Good Earth

By the River was one of the first activities we had at "events@Tarana", an initiative to build the quality of community life, through engaging with the arts and theatre. 

The performance had the audience spellbound and engaged for the whole time. For many first timers at a storytelling session, it was a revelation of sorts, that a storytelling session could be so engaging. 

In the Story Mandala that we did subsequently, it was a unique and heartfelt way of discovery oneself and others through the sharing of stories. A sense of connecting to each other and relating to the stories made for a lively discussion that continued even after the session. 

Ramya Prahalad

Facilitator & Storyteller

Stories remain Stories until it touches the hands of a seasoned Alchemist, who can magically transform them into Experiences". Thank you Vijji Chari and Madhu Shukla for the experience!

Asmita Sen,

Senior HR Business Partner

Wipro GE Healthcare

Wanted to say heartfelt thanks on behalf of the organising team and the entire HR fraternity who attended the South and West Hub meeting.
The story telling session went of extremely well and we were flooded with compliments on the content, structure and facilitation of the entire session. Story mandala helped us get a glimpse of our own uniqueness as well as the universality of emotions and experiences that we experience as a collective.
Thank you for enriching us and helping us bond and connect with each other as we learnt a little more about storytelling as a skill.

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