Story Lab

Stories as our Guide

Over a 3-hour session, we keep one traditional story in focus and through its narration invite participants to make connections from the story into their own world. The narration is interspersed with creative experiential exercises, which allow the participants to engage with the deeper meaning of the story and identify applications at the workplace through reflection and  dialogue.







Connecting with one's purpose

Authentic Leadership


Diversity & Inclusion



The story lab can be customised to the organization's needs & learning focus.



Client Reflections 

M. Halasyam 

Founder, Hala Associates

I was a part of the workshop The King and the Fearless Girl, conduct by Sue Hollingsworth and By the River. The two insights I took back were:

Firstly, curiosity and the spontaneity of the child represent fearlessness to me. 

Secondly, when the deep tension between data based inference and intuitive truth begins to increase,  it is necessary to transcend both  logic and intuition in the journey and go beyond as pushed by the heart.  In self-growth, I find this as most valuable learning

Sowmya Srinivasan


Gitanjali Sarangan

Executive Director & Founder

Snehadhara Foundation

An unforgettable workshop experience. The simplicity and care with which Madhu and Vijji had organised the entire session was commendable. It was also immensely gratifying to be led by Sue Hollingsworth. She unraveled the story for us and helped us engage with it at a deeper level. The magic of co-creation! This is one workshop that I can do many times and come away feeling that I want to do it once more.

We had Madhu Shukla of By the River facilitate a Story Lab for us at Snehadhara.

She took one traditional story and through her compassionate narration created a space of sharing that had reflective art-based exercises, visualizations, role plays, and personal story sharing . Each one of us had a gift to offer and carried back with us many gifts of metaphors and stories. Thank you dearest Madhu for gifting us a pair of new eyes as you call it.

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