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Our Approach

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Leadership is not just a role, but a transformation journey which need us to live out our authentic self and be in alignment with our values. This involves integrating parts of ourselves- both our strengths and the parts we have invisibilised due to our conditioning.

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We can transform when we challenge our self limiting beliefs , own our vulnerabilities and value our inner diversity and uniqueness.

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This integration process then helps build the mindset and the skills needed for individuals, teams and entire organisations to adapt grow and navigate through challenges.

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Our name 'By the River' symbolizes, exploration and integration as a continuous  journey. We believe we are able to access or innate power and uniqueness by sharing our stories, making the invisible visible and connecting with our own resourcefulness, As we step into our own leadership we inspire those around us to own and explore their potential.

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This process is enriched by creative explorations, which is why facilitate using methodologies from storytelling, theatre, creative arts and process work. interwoven with coaching conversations, our offerings allow individuals and teams to translate intentions into concrete actions that inspire new possibilities.

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