Narrative Leadership

Leader as Storyteller

Designed for managers and leaders, this program equips participants to understand the relevance of telling stories in the organisational context and how it can be leveraged as tool for influencing.


Participants find and craft different types of leadership stories. The workshop also allows them to practice how to tell a story powerfully and authentically, by getting them to experience a range of body and voice exercises to make their communication spontaneous and relaxed.

Each workshop is designed for upto 2 days followed up by one on one coaching sessions.




Anand Mohan,

Manager,  Learning & Development

Max Retails

No presentation, no big theories, no crazy activities, or no pages and pages of notes; yet I learned and experienced more than any other learning session.

 The workshop is designed not for consumption of knowledge but for creation of a better leader in you.

Client Reflections 

Cindu C Staub


River Saints Consulting 

Sue, Vijji and Madhu -are passionate and masterful storytellers, it is a delight to attend their workshop. Their ability to pursue a story to its essence, and their expertise to link it to  Leadership is something I truly enjoyed in this programme. For me, the workshop opened out various ideas around using story telling as a tool in leadership, while learning a few tips of story telling itself. 

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