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Creative Arts Offerings

Facilitating dynamic group sessions using improvisatonal theatre exercises, visual arts, rhythm and movement to create a learning space that is joyful and spontaneous. 

Embodying through movement and body shapes conflicts, challenges and unspoken dynamics to reveal insights 

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Creative Arts Labs

Resilience and Emotional Wellness for Teams

Offered as a one time experience or a series of workshops for intact teams, this activity helps participants navigate challenges, express and regulate emotions and create a supportive presence for their colleagues. Arts-based exercises  bring  deeper awareness, expressiveness and levity into the process.

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Creative Collaboration Mindset in Teams

Using core principles of improvisational theatre, this workshop helps teams explore ways to be spontaneous, flexible and open to create a culture that welcomes new ideas. By focusing on “Yes - And” mindset, teams explore how to co-create new possibilities and relevant solutions. 

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Change Agility for Teams

In this workshop, participants explore how improvisational theatre mindsets can help cope up with a constantly changing business landscape. It involves exercises that allow viewing obstacles as resources and being willing to be changed. This helps open up possibilities for teams to be agile and spontaneous while working with a collaborative spirit. 

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Speaking to Inspire

This workshop uses theatre-based exercises to develop skills on presenting ideas with authenticity and impact.  Body  awareness and vocal exercises combined with strategies to meet the needs of our audience, creates practical training for impactful leadership presence.

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Building Inclusion at the workplace using

Theatre and Storytelling

Consciously creating a diverse workforce requires us to go beyond affirmative action to address underlying beliefs that come in the way of inclusion. In this workshop, participants use theatre based exercises and storytelling to have meaningful conversations on exclusion and micro-inequities at the workplace. These explorations allow individuals to deepen sensitivity and practice behaviours needed to build inclusive organizations.


"Madhu has been a part of Dream a Dream’s journey for many years now and she is an embodiment of what a social artist means in our context; someone who is able to take their artistic background and use it to create social change. Through her work at Dream a Dream, Madhu has helped us facilitate transformative experiences for important stakeholders in our ecosystem that has helped us scale the impact of our work across the country and build strategic partnerships that has help us further the vision of the organization. Madhu’s deep commitment to the arts and her deeper commitment to empower young people from adversity to thrive, makes her one of the best social artists I have come across in the country."


—  Sucheta Bhat, CEO, Dream a Dream

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